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Don’t let the cold winter stop you from being active. Here are some activities that you and your loved ones can do during the cold winter months.


The gentle breathing and soothing poses of yoga are great for ZESTers. Yoga can help stretch and strengthen your muscles, while also improving your posture. It has also been shown to alleviate stress and improve your sense of well being. There are numerous yoga studios in Hamilton including the future yoga space at The Dance and Movement Studio at Upper Mill Pond.

Tai Chi

There are many benefits of Tai Chi. Doing just 20 minutes a day is said to help with your breathing and reduce your blood pressure and arthritis pain. Tai Chi can help your mind and body by releasing endorphins and improving balance and stability.

Indoor Golf

Golf is great for ZESTers as it is low impact and may help with your range of motion and flexibility. You can get a good workout with all the walking and swinging. There are two indoor golf facilities near The Village.

Nineteenth Hole Indoor Golf Centre
1024 Upper Wentworth Street, Hamilton
Phone: (905) 389-2828

The Golfer’s Den
351 Nash Road, North, Unit 9B, Hamilton
Phone: (905) 560-8640


Bowling allows you to do physical activity while also having fun. It’s a great sport for socializing and for challenging yourself to achieve a better score every time.

Brunswick Zone Frederick Lanes
385 Frederick St., Hamilton
Phone: (519) 576-1160

Splitsville Hamilton
1525 Stone Church Rd. E., Hamilton
Phone: (905) 387-3660

Mountain Lanes
335 Upper Wentworth St., Hamilton
Phone: (905) 574-8974

Martin’s Bowling Alley
929 King St. E., Hamilton
Phone: (905) 545-3382

Gaming Devices

If travelling outside to do your activities doesn’t sound appealing; you can also stay at home and use gaming devices. The Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect offer motion-sensing gaming devices that can detect your motion. So, you can play tennis, baseball, golf and bowling without leaving the comforts of your home.

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

The 114-acre grounds at The Village offer plenty of room to explore on foot, or on a snowy day, on snowshoes or skis. This is great exercise and will help keep you flexible.

Ice Skating

IThere are several indoor and outdoor skating rinks in Hamilton. Strap on a pair and glide your way to health! The closest rink is:
Mountain Arena
25 Hester St., Hamilton
Phone: (905) 546-4938

Don’t let the winter months stop you from being active. There are many options to do the physical activities that you love or have always wanted to try; that allows for being indoors away from the cold. The important thing is to be safe and never push your body beyond what is comfortable. Just make sure check with your health care provider before starting any new physical activity.